The Philippine eHealth Strategic Plan (PeHSP) 2014-2020 defines the key policies and strategies, processes, resources, and projects and activities needed to harmonize, align, interoperate and implement the various eHealth initiatives, programs and projects for the National eHealth Program (NeHP), and ensure proper and efficient use of information and communications technologies to support and facilitate the achievement of Universal Health Care to overcome health inequities through the achievement of the national health goals of better health outcomes, sustained health financing, and equitable and responsive health systems.

The document is an iteration of the earlier Philippine eHealth Strategic Framework and Plan 2013-2020, which was developed, updated and being implemented by the inter-agency National eHealth Steering Committee and Technical Working Group. It largely takes after the WHO-ITU National eHealth Strategy Toolkit, which highlights the interplay of various eHealth components that are prerequisites to a sound and successful national eHealth program. These components are leadership, governance and multi-sector engagement; strategy and investment; legislation, policy and compliance; standards and interoperability; infrastructure; human resources; and eHealth solutions (services and applications).

The PeHSP is divided into four parts: (1) Strategic Context for eHealth in the Philippines, which depicts the current overall health state of the country, and how this situates in the overall eHealth implementation; (2) An ICT-Enabled Philippine Health System, which defines the eHealth vision, mission, goals and strategic thrusts responsive to the overall national health systems and development goals; (3) National eHealth Action Plan, which lays down the key strategies, resources, and activities to achieve the national eHealth vision; and (4) Monitoring and Evaluation, which provides the key tactical foundations to ensure that the NeHP is on track based on the PeHSP requirements.

The PeHSP shall be regularly updated to accommodate the changing eHealth climate, national eHealth strategic directions and priorities, and evolving health sector requirements and health care technologies, among others.








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