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Consultative Planning on eHealth Capability Building System

5-7 September 2018
Azzurro Hotel Pampanga

In the implementation of the Fourmula One+ Framework: Boosting Universal Health Care, one of the strategic targets identified under the Accountability for Performance section is to pursue timely, evidence-informed, ethical decisions. Included in the identified interventions to tangibly realize and help realize this target is the establishment and operations of a coordinated and collaborative National eHealth Program. One of the components identified as vital to eHealth implementation is the institution of an accountable and rational eHealth capacity and capability building system that will guide the Department and its partner implementing agencies in the planning, integration, delivery, capacity and capability development and management and evaluation of human resources and educational and training institutions for eHealth as ICTs become a major tool in the country’s health system.

In line with this, the interagency National eHealth Capability Building Experts Group of the National eHealth Program through the Knowledge Management and Information Technology Service (KMITS) shall be conducting the “Consultative Planning on eHealth Capability Building System.” The aim of the workshop is two-fold: (a) to refine and finalize the specific strategic and operational targets, priority projects/initiatives, activities and required resources by year for the establishment of the eHealth Capability Building System for 2018-2023 in accordance with the strategic direction and priorities under the Fourmula One+ Framework; and (b) revisit, review and align the outputs of the recently completed TA work on the Development of the Capacity Building for Use of Electronic Medical Records.

Mr. John Ulysses Galo presenting the vital role and contribution of eHealth as an enabler in strengthening health systems to support the achievement of Universal Health Care and how it is figured in the Fourmula One Plus for Health (F1+) Strategic Framework.

Mr. Galo discussing the current eHealth landscape in the country starting from how the National eHealth Program came about to what have been accomplished for the past 3 years in terms of components, projects and activities, and highlighted the key issues as well as the major drivers and constraints affecting eHealth implementation. He also presented the priority policy and strategic works and initiatives for eHealth for 2018-2020.

Dr. Vicente Belizario, Professor XII, University of Manila, explaining the mechanics of the workshop.

The participants were grouped according to the organization that they represent.

Ms. Charity Tan, Division Chief of Knowledge Management Bureau, DOH – KMITS presenting the outputs of their group.

Dr. Vicente Belizario, Professor XII, University of Manila discussing the outputs of the National eHealth Capability Experts Group.

National eHealth Capability Experts group photo with Director Enrique A. Tayag of KMITS.







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