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An ICT-enabled Philippine Health System towards better and equitable access to quality health care services, and easier access to secure real time health data and information for evidenced-based decision making.

To effectively stimulate and establish the use of harmonized and relevant information and communications technologies to improve health care delivery, administration and management, and communicating health to Filipinos.

Strategic Goal 1: Provide a rational and accountable ehealth agenda, and legal and normative framework and structures to implement ehealth.


1. Establishment of legal, policy and normative framework

a. Definite roadmap

b. Standardization (technical infrastructure, health informatics, statistics, interoperability, etc.)

2. Increased & sustained financing including those from local government units

for local health facilities.

3. Reach an acceptable and responsive Health Human Resource

eMaturity/eCapability Building framework.

4. Establish multiagency and sectoral collaboration and networks

5. Support local government units to finance, and sustain eHealth.

6. ICT infrastructure development.

7. Continuous research and development.

8. Establishment of an integrated monitoring and evaluation system.

Strategic Goal 2: Increase efficiency of processes and systems in health care delivery and administration, and create new processes and better forms of conduct and communication.


ÔÇó Promoting more efficient health systems with the following priorities:

a. Social health insurance

b. Disease surveillance and other frontline services

c. Essential drugs management & price monitoring

d. Health emergency preparedness & response

e. Health facilities management including blood supply

f. Other ancillary services

g. Referrals

h. Health regulation of facilities, services, and goods (drugs, food,

cosmetics, hazardous household chemicals, etc.)

i. Health records

j. Health promotion & learning

k. Financial, procurement, & material management

Strategic Goal 3: Establish a unified and coherent health & management information systems relevant to individuals, managers and other stakeholders


1. Harmonization and/or integration of data sources, and collection and

utilization processes.

2. Adoption of data management standards and protocols.

3.Enhancing health services statistics reporting both from the public,

particularly among local government units, and the private sector

4.Expand and improve implementation of ISs for health facilities,

PhilHealth, health human resources, and other ISs under UHC.

5. Expand data access and utilization for evidenced-based decisions and

ISs sustainability.

6. Establishment of information governance and sovereignty.

Strategic Goal 4: Institutionalize knowledge management systems to promote data, information and knowledge exchange and utilization, especially at sub-national levels.


1. Increase capacities for knowledge production, use and application.

a. Health research

b. Knowledge translation

2. Improve access, exchange and sharing.

a. Knowledge portals & dashboard, intranets and call center

b. Data warehouse

c. E-library

d. National & international databases, and publications

e. Best practices

f. Cops or knowledge networks

3. Improve knowledge tools, knowledge and/or learning hubs and resource


4. Promote standard and repeatable processes and procedures.

Strategic Goal 5: Capitalize on ICTs to reach & provide better health services to GIDA, support MDGs/SDGs attainment, and dissemination of information to citizens and health providers in a variety of technology platforms.


1. Establishment and operationalization of policy and strategic framework.

2. Implement systems to reach GIDA, and to support MDGs/SDGs

attainment (i.e. patient monitoring and tracking [WOMB - Watching over

Mothers and Babies], referrals, health providers networks, connecting

health providers and patients, diagnostic services, etc.)







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