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Consultative Planning on the Electronic Health Record System (EHRS) Validation

12-14 September 2018
Clark, Pampanga

Guided by the Philippine eHealth Strategic Plan for Universal Health Care as embodied in the DOH Strategic Framework and Policy, “Fourmula 1 Plus: Boosting Universal Health Care,” one of the identified policy and strategic activities to help drive timely, evidence-informed, data-driven decisions is through the implementation of the National eHealth Electronic Health Record System Validation (NEHEHRSV). The NEHEHRSV is envisioned to serve as the policy arm to implement national systems conformity assessment protocol for national health data reporting requirements of DOH and/or PhilHealth. Specifically, the NEHEHRSV shall confirm if an EHRS measures up and conforms to defined reporting requirements and submission protocols. Further, it is envisaged that its implementation will improve data capture, processing, aggregation, exchange and reporting on national health data requirements and standardize submission protocols among implementing health facilities and other health reporting institutions/organizations.

In line with this, the interagency National eHealth Governance Committee through the Knowledge Management and Information Technology Service (KMITS) shall be conducting the Consultative Planning on the Electronic Health Record System (EHRS) Validation. The aim of the workshop is two-fold: (a) review and refine the online registration form and interface, manual of operations and procedural guidelines; and (b) finalize the registration requirements for NEHEHRSV.

Ms. Cherrie Estaban, Chair, NEHEHRSV team, leading the opening remarks.

Dr. Mary Jane Paez, Medical Specialist IV, HFSRB Standards division, presenting the DOH licensing requirements for hospitals

Ms. Cherrie Esteban answering the querries of the participants regarding EHR Validation.

Mr. Jasper Mansalay, Information System Analysist II, presenting the Integrated Hospital Operations Management Information System (iHomis).

Mr. Hunter Kit Sabio, Senior Computer Programmer, presenting the Integrated Tubercolosis Information System (ITIS).

Mr. Dominique Sobrevilla, Computer Programmer II presenting the Unified Disease Registry Systems (UDRS).

Mr. Russel Santos, Information Technology Officer II presenting the overview of the Online Health Facility Statistical Report System (OHRS).

Mr. Wilfredo Tanagon, President, NICP led the closing remarks for the Consultative Planning.

Group photo of the Consultative Planning on Electronic Health Record Systems Validation participants.







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